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why Roses

  • Chips: Don’t be fooled. Casinos use two types of chips:

    • The classic clay style, which are chips made from a clay composition (more durable than pure clay), compressed at 10,000 lbs psi, then fired at 300F. They then have inlays (logos or pictures) imbedded in them, then are protected with PVC coating. Most have edge spots as well for security.
    • Starting in 1985, there has been another trend in chips: ceramic. These chips are made by injection-molding a ceramic material to make a solid, one-piece blank. Images are then embedded into the chip and run to the edge of the chip (a very small white ring is left around the outside of the chip. This is because the chips are very slightly concave, and wear will happen around the edge of the chip, on the white band, saving the image on the chip from wear). These chips are currently in use at the Luxor, the Palms, Bally's/Paris, and the Excalibur in Las Vegas, as well as on most cruise chips and numerous casinos around the world. The reason for the growth in this type of chip is because of the ability to do more impressive graphics on the chips while still having a durable chip. They are also the first chip manufacturer to be able to put text on the rolling edge of the chip.

    There are dozens of companies out there advertising that they sell or use "real clay casino chips". They are actually using plastic or PVC chips with a metal insert in them for weight. While these can be fine for a home game, they don't stack as well, are slippery, and are not secure. Our custom chips are the finest around, and because they are custom made for us, with our logo, they are 100% secure; no fake chips will be introduced into our game. When you are the best, clay or ceramic are the only way to go. Visit any other company in town and you'll find they use either cheap plastic or composite chips.

  • Tables: Our tables are custom built exclusively for us. We use casino grade felt just like you'd see if you played in any casino, not a cheap felt that wrinkles or pills.
  • Cards: We exclusively use Copag/KEM/DaVinci plastic cards, they are the gold standard of playing cards.
  • Dealers: Good dealers are like oxygen. You don't even notice them until you don't have any. Then it glares. Our dealers have had either years of casino experience or have completed dealer schooling. Other companies either informally give their dealers a few sessions or, even worse, just let them deal and learn by initiation (if you get a dealer at all!). When quality prizes or cold, hard cash are on the line, there is just no room for error. Bottom line? We have the best dealers in town, period. They know how to deal the game, are professional and uniformed, and can ensure a good time while still enforcing the game they deal.
  • Floor Personnel: Like dealers, strong floor personnel are a necessity. Directors and floor personnel need to know how to run a tournament smoothly and have a great working knowledge of tournament rules. They need to know how to re-build a problem hand with the dealer and figure out the best and fairest solution to the problem. Our directors and floor personnel are well versed in tournament play, good thinkers who can figure out appropriate solutions to issues, and can run the tournament fluidly. We are involved with the tournament from inception to end, knowing how to design tournaments to fit within parameters given to us.
  • Solid, reputable company: We are Oregon residents. We are folks who have played poker for years, who are interested in advancing the game in Oregon and helping northwest charities generate revenue. We are not some out of state company who is swooping into Oregon to capitalize on the poker boom; we live and work right here in town. That means we're reachable, familiar with the area, and we can meet with you in person on any aspects of the design or location of your tournaments.