Roses Poker Parties - Portland, Oregon Roses Poker Parties

hand nicknames

American Airlines, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Pocket Rockets, bullets Big slick, Anna Kournikova (looks pretty but doesn’t perform that well)

  Big Chick     Barely Legal

  Little Slick     Cowboys, John Wayne

  Royal couple     Kojak, father and son, Single Man’s hand when off suit

  Cujo     Sigfried and Roy, Ladies

  Oedipus     Computer Hand (will beat 50% of all hands shown down and lose to 50% of all hands shown down)

  Gay waiter     Fish hooks/hooks

  Motown     Woolworth’s

  Good Buddy     Doyle

  Gretzky, Hellmuth    

Big Lick (suited in hearts, the romance hand)

  Dolly Parton    


  Walking Sticks    

The Hammer (worst mathematical starting hand in Hold ‘Em)

  The Route    

Speed Limit

  Colt, sailboats    


  Ducks, Oregon Aces